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There are a variety of creatures and plantlife in the environment of Monster Hunter: World that, when properly utilized, can dramatically aid the hunter.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Environmentals[edit | edit source]

  • Flashflies - Insects that release a flash of blinding light when hit. This light is stronger the more Flashflies are hit. The Flashfly is an incredible tool,release a toxic gas spray that paralyzes monsters.
  • Paratoads - Creatures that,making the Vitalilies important for healing during long,protracted hunts.
  • Poisoncups - Plants that release a poisoned shower of fluid when hit. When walked through
  • Sporepuffs - Plants that release a cloud of spores when hit. These spores can be used by Hunters as a form of camouflage,hiding Hunters from monsters.
  • Vigorwasps - Creatures that collect vitality nectar to make honey. When struck,they release this in a cloud,this poison damages everything. The poison will remain on the ground for some time.,when hit,which heals everyone around it.
  • Vitalilies - Plants that release a restoring nectar when hit. This nectar restores the health of any who touch it,and as such,as the light stuns any nearby monsters,can be used to great effect.
  • Wiggly Litchi - Larvae-form creatures that can be consumed to cut stamina depletion in half for a short time.