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Great Sword is a type of weapon in Monster Hunter: World.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Great Sword is a very heavy, and very slow, weapon. The weapon has three main attacks - the side swipe, the upswing, and the down strike. These three attacks are extremely damaging, and if the enemy is hit with the middle of the blade, this damage is given a bonus level of attack.

Great Swords[edit | edit source]

Image Name Attack Affinity Element Deviation Special Ammo Shelling Type Shelling Level Phial Type Attack Type Dust Effect Power Speed Heal Kinsect Bonus Coating
Aqua Slasher.png Aqua Slasher
Barroth Shredder.png Barroth Shredder
Blacksteel Chopper.png Blacksteel Chopper
Blooming Blade.png Blooming Blade
Blue Wing.png Blue Wing
Bone Blade.png Bone Blade
Bone Slasher.png Bone Slasher
Buster Blade.png Buster Blade
Buster Sword.png Buster Sword
Carapace Buster.png Carapace Buster
Chrome Razor.png Chrome Razor
Daora's Decimator.png Daora's Decimator
Datura Blaze.png Datura Blaze
Dragonbone Cleaver.png Dragonbone Cleaver
Flame Blade.png Flame Blade
Flammenzahn.png Flammenzahn
32px Flammenzahn+
Freeze Blade.png Freeze Blade
Frost Blaze.png Frost Blaze
Giant Jawblade.png Giant Jawblade
Girros Blade.png Girros Blade
Gnashing Flammenzahn.png Gnashing Flammenzahn
Hazak Kys.png Hazak Kys
Icesteel Edge.png Icesteel Edge
Jagras Blade.png Jagras Blade
Jagras Hacker.png Jagras Hacker
Jawblade.png Jawblade 480 0% None
King Thundersword.png King Thundersword
Kirin Thundersword.png Kirin Thundersword
Lava Blaze.png Lava Blaze
Leviathan's Fury.png Leviathan's Fury
Lightning Punisher.png Lightning Punisher
Magda Potestas.png Magda Potestas
Malady's Kiss.png Malady's Kiss
Nergal Judicator.png Nergal Judicator
Purgation's Atrocity.png Purgation's Atrocity
Radobaan Slab.png Radobaan Slab
Rathalos Glinsword.png Rathalos Glinsword
Red Wing.png Red Wing
Spiked Blade.png Spiked Blade
Thunder Blade.png Thunder Blade
Thundersword.png Thundersword
Water Golem.png Water Golem
Wyvern Jawblade.png Wyvern Jawblade
Xeno Maliq.png Xeno Maliq

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