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Gunlance is a type of weapon in Monster Hunter: World.


The Gunlance is a unique weapon, and actually functions more like an augmented lance than an actual gun. The gun portion of this weapon cannot technically fire over distances, and instead uses explosive rounds to perform the act of Shelling. When Shelling, the lance fires explosive rounds while dealing massive close-range damage.


Image Name Attack Affinity Element Deviation Special Ammo Shelling Type Shelling Level Phial Type Attack Type Dust Effect Power Speed Heal Kinsect Bonus Coating
Anja Cannon.png Anja Cannon
Barroth Blaster.png Barroth Blaster
Bazel Buster.png Bazel Buster
Blacksteel Gunlance.png Blacksteel Gunlance
Blazing Gunlance.png Blazing Gunlance
Blue Chariot.png Blue Chariot
Blue Rook.png Blue Rook
Bone Cannon.png Bone Cannon
Bone Gunlance.png Bone Gunlance
32px Carapace Cannon
Carapace Gunlance.png Carapace Gunlance
Chrome Gunlance.png Chrome Gunlance
Daora's Brigia.png Daora's Brigia
Deathfang Gunlance.png Deathfang Gunlance
Dragonbone Gunlance.png Dragonbone Gunlance
Earthshaker Magda Lahat.png Earthshaker Magda Lahat
Eradication Flame.png Eradication Flame
Girros Gunlance.png Girros Gunlance
Glacial Gunlance.png Glacial Gunlance
Glutton Gunlance.png Glutton Gunlance
Great Bone Gunlance.png Great Bone Gunlance
Hazak Spysa.png Hazak Spysa
Icesteel Gunlance.png Icesteel Gunlance
Iron Gunlance.png Iron Gunlance 230 0% None Normal Lv 3
Jagras Gunlance.png Jagras Gunlance
Jyura Buster.png Jyura Buster
Kadachi Striker.png Kadachi Striker
Noimage.png Kadachi Striker+
Noimage.png Legiana Cannon
Madness Gunlance.png Madness Gunlance
Magda Lahat.png Magda Lahat
Mythic Kadachi Striker.png Mythic Kadachi Striker
Nergal Ram.png Nergal Ram
Princess Panoply.png Princess Panoply
Noimage.png Princess Panoply+
Pulsar Gunlance.png Pulsar Gunlance
Rath Gunlance.png Rath Gunlance
Red Rook.png Red Rook
Rose Burst.png Rose Burst
Royal Burst.png Royal Burst
Steel Gunlance.png Steel Gunlance
Xeno Hemta.png Xeno Hemta

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