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Heavy Bowgun

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Heavy Bowgun is a type of weapon in Monster Hunter: World.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Heavy Bowgun is a ranged weapon that is great for dealing massive damage at a distance. It's much slower than the Light Bowgun, but the tradeoff to also have a shield makes it somewhat of a choice weapon for gunners.

Heavy Bowguns[edit | edit source]

Image Name Attack Affinity Element Deviation Special Ammo Shelling Type Shelling Level Phial Type Attack Type Dust Effect Power Speed Heal Kinsect Bonus Coating
Noimage.png Aqua Assault
Noimage.png Arma Destroyer
Noimage.png Baan Roar
Noimage.png Blacksteel Cannon
Noimage.png Blazing Assault
Blooming Shooter.png Blooming Shooter
Bone Shooter.png Bone Shooter 150 0% None None Wyvernsnipe
Chrome Assault.png Chrome Assault
Noimage.png Datura Blaster
Destruction's Fusillade.png Destruction's Fusillade
Noimage.png Diablos Shooter
Noimage.png Dragonbone Cannon
Noimage.png Dual Threat
Noimage.png Flammenkanone
Noimage.png Gama Cannon
Noimage.png Gluttonous Fangcannon
Noimage.png Gnashing Flammenkanone
Noimage.png Griffon Blazooka
Noimage.png Heavy Shooter
Iron Assault.png Iron Assault
Jagras Assault.png Jagras Assault
Noimage.png Jagras Cannon
Noimage.png Kadachi Lion
Noimage.png Legia Shattercryst
Noimage.png Luminous Assault
Noimage.png Magda Gemitus
Nergal Roar.png Nergal Roar
Noimage.png Nero's Blazooka
Noimage.png Power Shooter
Pulsar Shooter.png Pulsar Shooter
Noimage.png Quickcaster
Noimage.png Quickcaster+
Noimage.png Quickquiver
Noimage.png Shattercryst
Noimage.png Shattercryst+
Noimage.png Spiked Shooter
Steel Assault.png Steel Assault 150 0% None None Wyvernheart
Noimage.png Teostra's Artillery
Noimage.png Teostra's Flames
Noimage.png Water Cannon
Noimage.png Xeno Jiiqa

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