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There are a variety of quests in Monster Hunter: World.

Summary[edit | edit source]

  • Quests are the main way you will advance in Monster Hunter World. There are 5 different quest categories.
    • Assigned: these are how you will advance through the story and raise you hunter rank at first.
    • Optional: after you complete an assigned quest it will then become an optional quest. You can also find quests from NPCs in Astera that upon completion will unlock various rewards.
    • Investigations: this is another form of optional quests that you unlock by tracking and hunting different monsters. You must talk to the Resource Center to activate them. They are randomized.
    • Events: these are special quests that are only available for a limited time during special occasions like winter, autumn, etc.
    • Special Investigations: these quests are only obtained after researching special monsters.
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There are also 5 different types of quests.

  • Hunting: these quests you are tasked with taking out a target be it by killing it or capturing it.
  • Slaying: these quests you are tasked with killing a target. You will fail it if you capture it.
  • Capturing: these quests you are tasked with capturing a target. You will fail the quest if you kill it.
  • Delivery: these quests you are tasked with collecting and delivering a specific item.
  • Special: a special quest is always going to be to guide Zorah Magdaros away.

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